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Note:  All Faculty and Staff Email Address names are followed by @burke.k12.nc.us extension
                  Example:  imacavalier@burke.k12.nc.us
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Abernethy, Bruce Career and Technical Education Teacher 3194 babernet  
Abernethy, Jennifer ELL Teacher 3126 jabernethy  
Aiello, Kim Career and Technical Education Teacher 3161 kaiello  
Andersen, David Social Studies Teacher 3311 dandersen  
Atkins, Nicole English Teacher 3116 natkins  
Bartlett, Crystal Physical Education Department Chair 3140 cbartlett  
Berry, Jonathan Fine Art Teacher 3138 jcberry  
Berry, Josh Western Peidmont  Career Coach 3518 joshberry  
Blanton, Tommy Career and Technical Education Teacher 3152 tblanton  
Boggs, Hampton English Teacher 3501 hboggs  
Bostain, Jamie Science Department Chair 3131 jbostain Science Department 
Bowman, Brian Social Studies Department Chair 3309 brianbowman Social Studies Department 
Bowman, Reed Mathematics Teacher 3416 reedbowman  
Brittain, Leta Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant 3315 acbrittain  
Brittain, Michael Technology OTHER 3530 michaelbrittain  
Brown IV, Fred Math Teacher 3413 fobrown  
Buffamoyer, Mark Physical Education Head Football Coach 3425 mbuffamoyer  
Cable, Kayla Social Studies Teacher 3308 kaylacable  
Carico, Brenda Exceptional Children Teacher 3413/3414/3409/3411 bcarico  
Carswell, Billy Office SRO 3524 billycarswell  
Castle, Brenda Visual Arts Teacher 3125/3177 bcastle  
Childers, Jim Administration Assistant Principal 3509 jchilders  
Clay, Charlanda English Teacher 3112 cclay  
Conwell, Heather English Teacher 3504 hconwell  
Cotter, Robin Office Bookkeeper&Supplies 3515 rcotter  
Crawford, Lee Social Studies Teacher 3312 leecrawford  
Creson, Jacob Physical Education Teacher 3149 jcreson  
Duncan, Donna English Department Chair 3503 dduncan  
Erskine, Jessica Exceptional Children Teacher 3316 jessicaerskine  
Fender, Brandon English Teacher 3110 bdfender Mr. Fender's Website 
Fortenberry, Lisa Administration Assistant Principal 3589 lfortenberry  
Fowler, Tiffany Mathematics Teacher 3410 tlbeck  
Fulbright, Jennifer Career and Technical Education Department Chair 3158 jfulbright  
Greene, Tracy English Teacher 3502 tgreene  
Guier, Andrew Social Studies Teacher 3310 wguier  
Guittard, Gilbert Foreign Language Teacher 3406 gguittard  
Hallyburton, Ed Career and Technical Education Teacher 3157 edhallyburton  
Hoffman, Angie Media Teacher Assistant 3197 ahoffman  
Hood, Danielle Office Attendance Secretary/Student Records 3517/3527 dhood  
Johnson, Benjamin Exceptional Children Teacher 3314 bjohnson  
Keaton, Carla Career and Technical Education Teacher 3154 carlakeaton  
Laninghan, Drew Foreign Language Teacher 3407 drewlaningham  
Lowman, Tina Fine Art Department Chair 3135 talowman  
Mace, Shane Administration Principal 3510 smace  
Martin, Amy Math Department Chair 3415 amartin  
McCall, Lisa Career and Technical Education Teacher 3156 lmccall  
McDivitt, Carey Office Receptionist 0/3525 careymcdivitt  
McDowell, Teresa Office Data Manager 3522 tmcdowell  
McGuire, Breanna Science Teacher 3130 breannamcguire  
Miller, Paige Career and Technical Education Teacher 3147 paigemiller  
Mills, Brandy GearUp Coordinator 3560 bmills  
Moore, Joni Career and Technical Education Teacher 3160 jmoore  
Morgan, Crystal English Department Chair 3104 cmorgan Ms. Morgan's Blog 
Morrison, Mandy Office Nurse (Tuesdays & Thursdays) 3511 mmorrison  
Orders, Lori Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant 3315 lorders  
O'Toole, Kelly Exceptional Children Teacher 3315 kotoole  
Padgett, Rosa Lynn Career and Technical Education Teacher 3164 rpadgett  
Parks, Alana Foreign Language Department Chair 3405 alanaparks  
Peck, Amanda Counselor Student Last Names (A-G) 3519 apeck EBHS Counselors 
Ramsey, Heather Science Teacher 3133 heatherramsey  
Ramsey, Jerome Physical Education Teacher 3142 jbramsey  
Robinson, Kailey Science Teacher 3505 kaileyrobinson  
Robinson, T.R. Career and Technical Education IMC/CDC 3159 rtrobinson  
Rose, Lisa Cafeteria  Manager 3988 lrose  
Ruff, Kelly Science Teacher 3129 kruff  
Saine, Andrea Exceptional Children Department Chair 3313 asaine  
Schwankert, A.J. Social Studies Teacher 3305 aschwankert  
Scott, Col. Arthur ROTC Department Chair 3190 ascott  
Shade, SFC Allan  ROTC Teacher 3190 adshade  
Stamey, Lindsey Mathematics Teacher 3412 lindseystamey  
Thao, Sam Career and Technical Education Teacher 3150 samuelthao  
Thompson, Connie Counselor Student Last Names (H-P) 3520 cthompson EBHS Counselors 
Wall, Sam Counselor Student Last Names (Q-Z) 3512 swall EBHS Counselors 
Ward, Kristi Career and Technical Education Teacher 3165 kward  
Watts, Chip Physical Education Teacher 3306 chipwatts  
Welch, Jackie Media Teacher 3146 jwelch  
Whaley, Melanie Math Teacher 3414 mwhaley  
Williams, Odell Exceptional Children Department Chair 3102 owillians  
Woods, Sara Athletics Athletic Trainer  swoods  
Wright, Susan ISS ISS&Copies 3128 swright  
Showing 80 items